HK Audio Elements Acoustics 2 Line Array Amazing PA System 4x E435 2x e110A

HK Audio Elements Acoustics 2 Line Array Amazing PA System 4x E435 2x e110A

– Delivers satisfying live sound to rooms for up to 100 people
– Delivers a directional dispersion pattern and a solid bass foundation
– Great for bands, duos, solo artists and many more
– System connects without need of cables by passing the signal through the speaker pole
– 2-600 watt powered subs which pass power to the mid/high units

System Includes:
– 4 x E 435 mid/high units
– 2 x E 110 A powered sub
– 2 x EP 1 speaker pole

E 435 Mid/High Unit
The HK Audio E 435 mid/ high unit is loaded with four 3.5 inch high-performance speakers developed specifically for Elements. These four vertically arrayed speakers achieve a very even pattern of throw, with the volume, frequency spectrum, and audio image remaining uniform throughout the audience area. One column may comprise up to four mid/ high units, which are quickly and reliably connected via E-Connect.

E 110 A Powered Sub
The active HK Audio E 110 Sub A subwoofer is designed to deliver high sound pressure levels. Small yet powerful, the high-performance 10 inch woofer fits into a very compact housing and supplies a solid, low-ranging bass foundation. Sited at the rear of the enclosure, the integrated amp module delivers 600 watts at 4 ohms. You’ll also find all connectors and control features for connected modules on the rear panel.

EP 1 Speaker Pole
The HK Audio EP 1 E-Connect pole lets you place one or even several mid/ high units on the EF 45 base or EA 600 amp. The pole is freely adjustable up to a length of 1.60 meters, so you can set the height as you see fit by engaging its twist-lock fastener. No speaker cords are necessary thanks to the integrated bus.

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